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Prepare to be... inspired

Read, write, enjoy.

Quote challenges
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Quote Challenges, or Quotation Challenges if you wish, is a community in which at least one quote is posted each week. The hope is that it will give fanfiction writers inspiration for either a new story, or a plot twist for one of their existing ones.

It is not the intention that the quotes should be used directly in the story, though if it fits you are, of course, free to do so. The intention is that writers who are blocked, or who need inspiration, can come here, check out the quotes, and hopefully leave with a new idea.

If you need some extra pressure to write a story you could also consider this a challenge community, hence the name, where you will get a quote once a week, and you have a week to complete the story. Or you could challenge yourself to write a story where you get inspiration from some of the older ones.

In the beginning new quotes will be posted at random, and often several times a week. Later a new quote will be posted every Tuesday.

If you find yourself getting inspired by the quotes posted, please post a link to the story, or the chapter, in the comments of the relevant quote. That way others, who may not normally read your work, will get a chance to do so.

All the stories should be marked with the appropriate rating, and warnings if they do contain material that some people might find offensive.

All writers are welcome to be inspired, but also to suggest quotes that we might use. Suggestions for quotes to use in the challenge can be posted as a comment to this post. Please read the post before you begin commenting.

Moderator of this community is norwegianne